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Offer your tentrepair at TENTREPAIRS.EU

Warranty repairs

For some manufacturers, we act as a service partner and perform warranty repairs.

If you find a defect on your tent, please contact your retailer from whom you purchased the tent.

In order to help you quick and easy we always ask you to mark all the defects.
If it is a warranty repair we also ask you to make a copy from your purchase invoice and send it in with your defective product.

Out of warranty repairs

We also take care of your tent if it is out of warranty or the repair is not covered by the warranty.
We usually repair the item with original or equivalent parts at a relatively low cost.

Prior to the assignment, you have the option to determine the amount to which the repair can be carried out without consultation with you.
If the cost are higher than this amount you will receive an cost estimate by e-mail.
Otherwise the tent will be immediatly repaired and returned.

The turnaround time for repairs is usually 15 working days.

Request a Repair

For the best possible service we ask you, when sending your repair, to observe the following points

Take care!

  • Send your repair in a suitable packaging;
  • Provide the package with an error description;
    Here you can find the repair form.
  • Mark the defective location (s);
    You can do this by tying an elastic band around the defective part or by adding a label at the defect.
  • For warranty repairs attach a copy of your purchase receipt.;
  • Fill in the repair-form and pack it with the tent before you send it in for repair.

If you send your tent in for repair, it must be free of loose dirt.
Dirt particles do not only damage the material but also our machines, so we can only process clean tents.